Biden Gets Visibly Angry As He Talks About Build Back Better

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President Biden got aggravated arsenic helium talked astir the information that parents can’t spend life-saving medication, similar insulin for their children.

Video of Biden:

President Biden gets visibly aggravated arsenic helium talks astir parents not being capable to spend life-saving medicine similar insulin for their children, "Imagine being a genitor looking astatine a child, and you can't afford, you person nary location to get against, you person nary savings. It's wrong."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 21, 2021

Biden said portion talking astir Manchin and Build Back Better:

 We’re talking astir wellness care, insulin. We got 200,000 kids with benignant 1 diabetes. You cognize what it’s costing, somewhere betwixt 10 cents and $10 to travel up with a look a while ago. You cognize what it’s costing connected average? $640 a period up to a thousand dollars a month. 

What bash you bash if you’re a mom and a dada moving with minimum wage busting your neck, and you look astatine your kid, and you cognize if you don’t get that vaccine for him — excuse me, if you don’t get that cause for him, if you don’t get that — beryllium capable to take that, what happens, they’re likely to spell into a coma, and maybe die. I don’t privation you to enactment the kid’s beingness astatine stake, you strip away each the dignity of a parent looking astatine their child. I’m not joking astir this. 

Imagine being a genitor looking at a child, and you can’t afford it, you person nary location to borrow against, you person no savings. It’s wrong. 

Biden’s Fight With Manchin Is Really A Fight Of The People Against Corporate Greed

Joe Biden is warring truthful that radical tin spend their medicine, older Americans tin enactment successful their homes, moving families get a kid taxation credit. Biden is warring for little healthcare costs and a cleaner planet.

Joe Manchin is connected the different broadside of the table, warring to support peculiar and firm interests. Sen. Manchin isn’t truly acrophobic astir deficits. If helium was, helium could suggest his ain afloat paid for mentation of Build Back Better and effort to travel to an statement with the White House and Democrats.

There is nary Joe Manchin mentation of Build Back Better, which hints astatine the West Virginia senator’s existent motive of protecting fossil substance interests.

President Biden is moving for the American people, portion Joe Manchin is playing peculiar involvement authorities arsenic usual.

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