Trump Should Be Terrified As The 1/6 Committee Shows They Have The Evidence To Nail Him

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The 1/6 Committee has grounds that alternatively of moving to extremity the Capitol attack, Donald Trump was watching TV.

According to the committee’s letter to Rep. Jim Jordan:

Despite the urgent requests that the President talk and instruct the rioters to leave, President Trump did not marque specified a connection for aggregate hours arsenic rioters attacked constabulary and invaded and occupied the Capitol. The Select Committee has grounds indicating that the president was watching tv sum of the onslaught from his backstage eating country adjoining the Oval Office during this clip period.

Even aft the assemblage yet dispersed precocious successful the day, then-President Trump, done his ineligible team, continued to question to hold oregon different impede the electoral count.

Trump was watching the onslaught connected TV alternatively of moving to halt it due to the fact that helium wanted the unit to happen.

The 1/6 Committee appears to cognize a batch much astir Donald Trump’s comments and actions connected the time of the Capitol attack.

Trump was already huffy astatine Mark Meadows for turning implicit truthful overmuch information, but the erstwhile president’s bigger occupation seems to beryllium that the probe has the accusation to nail him.

If the Committee knows what Trump was doing successful his backstage eating country during the attack, 1 tin lone ideate what different grounds they person been capable to acquire.

Many deliberation that Trump is trying to rewrite past with his 1/6 1 twelvemonth day event, but helium whitethorn besides beryllium trying to get retired successful beforehand of a landslide of grounds that could extremity his vocation oregon get him criminally charged.

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