Game Changer: Researchers At Walter Reed To Announce Vaccine That Is Effective Against COVID And All Variants

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A large breakthrough connected the coronavirus pandemic could beryllium coming successful weeks arsenic researchers astatine Walter Reed volition denote a caller vaccine that is effectual against COVID and each variants.

Defense One reported:

Within weeks, scientists astatine the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research expect to denote that they person developed a vaccine that is effectual against COVID-19 and each its variants, adjacent Omicron, arsenic good arsenic from erstwhile SARS-origin viruses that person killed millions of radical worldwide. 

The accomplishment is the effect of astir 2 years of enactment connected the virus. The Army laboratory received its archetypal DNA sequencing of the COVID-19 microorganism successful aboriginal 2020. Very aboriginal on, Walter Reed’s infectious diseases subdivision decided to absorption connected making a vaccine that would enactment against not conscionable the existing strain but each of its imaginable variants arsenic well.

The vaccine inactive needs to beryllium tested connected radical who person gotten vaccinated, oregon person gotten COVID, but this is simply a immense step.

A cosmopolitan vaccine that could support against existent and aboriginal variants would beryllium a game-changer successful the pandemic.

The occupation of getting radical to instrumentality the vaccine volition stay arsenic agelong arsenic it is optional, but the bully quality is that the imaginable extremity of the pandemic could beryllium person than anyone imagined.

Life whitethorn yet instrumentality to normal, and that could beryllium the champion vacation acquisition that the satellite could ever want.

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